More Reviews = More Customers


Because 97% of consumers say they read reviews about local businesses! [BIA Kelsey]

97 flippin percent! And the top 3 places they read them are on Google, Facebook and Yelp.

The sad part is that 75% of consumers almost never write reviews. [Blumenthal Review Study]

online review strategy for local businesses

You need a review strategy in place because the truth is, customers just aren’t going to give you reviews.

Here are a few ways and tips to get more online reviews:

– Send a followup email within 24hrs.
– If you don’t hear back from your customer, ask again after 3 days of the first request.
– Don’t pay for reviews or give gifts for reviews.
– Simply ask for a review. Most customers will give you one! You just need to ask.
– Make sure your Google My Business, Yelp and Facebook page are spot on. Include pictures in all of those.
– Respond to the bad ones quickly! And don’t freak out. Take a breath or even ask someone to read your response. The last thing you want to do is blow up on a bad reviewer.
– Email or call bad reviewers. You might just win back a customer.
– Be consistent. It’s better to get a handful of reviews each month than 50 all at once (for SEO purposes that is). Slow and steady wins the race.
– It’s a numbers game and the more requests you send, the more reviews you’ll get.
– Be awesome. If you provide a good service, people will be happy to give you a good review.

Creating a process for the review strategy you use is probably the most important thing you can do for your company.

Our software helps with that process. All you need to do is…

1. Enter customers into ReviewRail
2. We send out tested messages that get responses and reviews.
3. If a customer doesn’t take an action, we followup with them.

Sign up for our free trial here and give it a test drive. No credit card needed to try it out, you have nothing to lose.