How To Track Website Conversions

You need to track your website conversions and understand where your leads are coming from. If you don’t, then you might as well burn your money (or give it to me :)).

I love this topic because you should always focus on optimizing your site before you get more traffic. If your site sucks and you can’t track conversions, you’ll never know what’s working. Since I like simplicity I broke out this subject into two parts.

1. Setting up a thank you page
2. Creating goals in Google Analytics

Part 1: Setting Up A Ty Page

First we want to setup a thank you page for your form. If you don’t know how to do this then contact your web developer and have them implement one.

conversion tracking with analytics

I use WordPress for all my sites because it’s super simple to use. I also use the plugin Contact 7 for my online forms. You should setup a separate thank you page for each form on your website.

To do this in WP do the following:

1. Install Contact 7 or a form plugin and setup a form
2. Create a thank you page
3. In Contact 7 enter on_sent_ok: “location.replace(‘’);” in the settings at the end of your contact 7 form settings.

Make a note of these thank you pages because we’ll need the URL’s in the next part.

Part 2: Creating Goals In Google Analytics

Your thank you pages are ready but what the heck do we do with them now!? No need to bug out, I got you covered.

We’re going to setup goals in Google analytics. A goal is when someone successfully completes the form on your website. If you aren’t using GA sign up for a free account now. It’s the best tool to learn about your website traffic.

I recently bought a new microphone (Snowball blue) and wanted to give it a run so decided to create a HOW TO video. Check it out below and I’ll walk you through setting up a goal.

If you have any questions about goals please comment below. You’ll now be able to see what web forms are working on your site and what type of traffic is converting.

If it was my business, I would use that data to invest in more traffic from X. So if you see your Adwords PPC traffic is converting, spend more money there.