Track referrals through your web forms


Our referral tracker feature lets you track referrals through your websites forms. To set this up hover over My Account and click Tools.

First let me show you how it works. If your customer leaves positive feedback and they get added to your happy list, they will eventually get your referral email with a unique link for them to share with friends and family.

If they share this link on twitter or email it to a friend, their friend will be directed to your site when they click the link. If setup to work with one of your web forms, it will trigger as a referral when they land on your thank you page.

To set this up you’ll need a web form and a thank you page.
The web form should direct a user to the thank you page after they fill out the form.

First make sure the user is directed to your website on the referral settings page. This URL is where someone is sent when they click your referral link.
Then grab the referral tracker code and head over to that page.
Insert the code somewhere between the body tags. In WP you can paste it here.
Then go to the thank you page to your web form. Insert the code in between the body tag on your thank you page.

Now when someone clicks your customers referral link, they will be sent to your site. If they scroll around for a bit and fill out your form they’ll be sent to your thank you page and the referral tracker will trigger.

You’ll get emailed that you got a referral and it will also be logged in the system. You can use this tracker and also our referral widget to really help boost referrals.

If you have any questions please let us know.