Sync your RR account with MailChimp


To integrate your reviewrail account with your email marketing provider hover over My Account, click settings and then click Integration.

What this integration will do is sync your ReviewRail Account with your email marketing provider account like Mailchimp or Constant Contact. And what that means is it’s going to pull in your customers email addresses into ReviewRail, and push your customers from ReviewRail out to your provider.

It’s like a big circle. If you add a customer to RR they will eventually transfer over to your provider list. Or if you add a customer to your provider, they will eventually get transferred over to RR.

Jump over to customers and show 3 lists.
You can sync up 3 different lists. Your Pending/Source list, your happy customer list and your unhappy customer list.

There are 2 reasons this sync is so powerful.

The first is that you can automate RR by simply adding your customers to MC or CC and then they will automatically get feedback requests from RR because they will be synced into your pending/source list.

The second reason is because of this list here. Your happy customers. These are your rockstar customers that left you positive feedback. They can help bring in more business by using your business again plus refer friends and family. RR will send them referral emails a few times after they leave feedback but if you sync them with your MC or CC list, you can follow up with these rockstar customers again and again, month over month to help bring in more sales. This list is like gold to your business

You can either sync to a new list you create in MC or use an existing list. I recommend you create a new lists and start from scratch. I would create a source RR list and a happy customer RR list. To create a list click lists -> create list and then create the list here.

If you have automation emails setup for a list you sync with RR, any emails RR pushes out to MC will get those automation emails. That’s important to know and by setting up new lists, you won’t have any automation emails setup for them. Down the road you can set those up but for now it’s good to keep it simple.

To sync to a list click on select, mailchimp, then enter your mc details and click connect.
You will then be able to pick the list you want to sync to and also pick one of these very important 3 options. Let me explain these as they are super, super important.

Let’s say you have a list of 500 people.

The first option will sync your lists, it will NOT send feedback requests to those 500 people and RR will ONLY send requests to new people you add to your MC or CC list after the sync is complete.

So after it’s complete and you add 5 customers to MC or CC, those new 5 customers will get feedback requests.

The second option will send feedback requests to everyone in your list. This might seem like a good idea but if you have old customers on this list, you are more likely to piss them off by asking for feedback. The best way to get feedback and reviews is from new customers.

The third option is to never send feedback requests to anyone you add to your MC or CC list. This option is good if you add a lot of customers to RR but only want them to transfer over to your MC or CC account. I recommend you use this option for you happy list sync.

Again, the best way to get feedback is from new customers so I recommend using option 1 so only new customers added to MC or CC will get feedback requests.

If you have a very large list with 10’s of thousands of customers and want to send feedback to all of them, please contact us first as their is a limit to how many requests you can send each month.

Once you click update settings the process will begin.

As a safe measure, we make a backup of your email list first before we sync to RR. I recommend you download this list to a safe place. Whether using RR or not, it’s always good to backup your list every so often. Depending on your list size this can take a few hours to 24 hours to complete the sync. When you come back you can download your list here.

Now if you picked the first option that will only send feedback requests to new customers, you will see those new customers added here. And if you add a RR customer it will sync over to your email marketing provider list.

If you picked the second option to send feedback to your whole list, you will see all your MC or CC emails in this list.

And if you picked the 3rd option to never send your MC or CC customer emails feedback, we won’t pull in any emails and will only push out emails from RR to your email marketing provider.

A really good tactic that I recommend is to sync your source/pending list with your email marketing provider using the first option so that only new customers added to MC or CC will get feedback requests.

And then sync your happy list with the 3rd option so that anyone added to your happy customer list in RR will be pushed out to your email marketing provider and you can continue to market to them month after month.

I mentioned this earlier but wanted to mention it again. If you have automation or followup emails setup in MC or CC, and you sync your account with RR, those new RR emails getting pushed over to MC or CC will get your automation and followup emails. That’s why I recommend starting fresh with a new list over in MC and CC and not setting up automation or followup emails at this point.

We are always here to help as I know this can be a little confusing. But again it can be really powerful for your business and help increase feedback, reviews and sales. If you have any questions, contact support. And if you want to talk strategy we are here for that too! We live and breathe this stuff.