Sync your RR account with Constant Contact


To integrate your reviewrail account with Constant Contact hover over My Account, click settings and then click Integration.

What this integration will do is sync your ReviewRail Account with Constant Contact. And what that means is it’s going to pull in your customers email addresses into ReviewRail, and push your customers from ReviewRail out to your CC.

It’s like a big circle. If you add a customer to RR they will eventually transfer over to CC. Or if you add a customer to CC, they will eventually get transferred over to RR.

Let’s get started.

1. I recommend creating a new list in your CC account. To do that go to your CC account and click Contacts -> and then the plus next to email lists. Create a RR Feedback list and a RR Happy Customer list.
2. Now head over to RR and go to the integrations page.
3. Click select and select CC
4. CC will ask you to login, follow the instructions.
5. Now pick your CC feedback list and select the Yes, but only for new customers… option.
6. Click Update Settings

RR will first make a copy of your email list so you can download it and then we will start syncing over your contacts. It could take up to 24hrs to fully sync.

To sync your happy customers from RR to CC follow the steps above but in Step 5, select your happy customer list.

IMPORTANT: Only customers with a single tag will be synced over to RR. If a user is tagged on more than one list, we will not sync over that user. We recommend adding only new customers to your CC RR list first and then adding them to your other lists in CC. We do this to prevent you from emailing your CC emails multiple RR feedback requests.

We are always here to help as I know this can be a little confusing. If you have any questions, contact support.