Install the referral and contact widget


The referral and contact widget displays on your site and makes it easy for customers to contact you. Using this widget will help you boost referrals and is also a super, simple contact form so you can get more leads for your business.

To use the widget hover over My Account and click Tools. First I’ll show you how it works.

Let’s look at how it works as a contact form.
When installed on your site, a user will see the small contact box displayed down here. It was created to help you get more leads and when a random visitor lands on your site, they can simply fill out their info and you’ll get notified that they are interested in your business. It acts as a normal contact form.

Now let’s look at how it can be used for referrals.
The really powerful part is when a visitors comes to your site through a referral link from ReviewRail. Let me show you why.

Let’s say Jenn is your customer. You add her to ReviewRail and she leaves you positive feedback. She is automatically put in your happy list and will eventually receive your referral emails.

Say she shares it on FB or emails her friend and her friends clicks on the link. Her friend will be brought to your site and the chat box will be personalized from Jenn.

Now look what the widget says. Hey, did Jenn send you? Then when they pop it open it will talk about how Jenn is your happy customer and they can enter their details into the form or call you.

This personalization is super powerful and will help increase referrals. It’s the same reason Facebook tells you if your friends like a page. Here you can see I like Whole Foods and it’s telling me 4 of my friends like that same page. If I see my friends like or recommend something, I’m more likely to use that business.

To install the widget head over to the tools page and pop this snippet into your website. You can include it on all pages or just one page.

In a WP site you can include it in the head or footer so it’s on all pages, or you include it on individual pages.

To install it on an individual page, go to that page and then add the code to the body. You can see it on that page when viewed.

To add it to all pages you can add it to the head or footer of your site. A great plugin to do this with your head and footer.

If you’re familiar with WP then install the plugin and activate it. Then go to the settings and add the widget code to the footer. Now it will display on all pages.

For an HTML site you would essentially do the same thing and include it in the head, footer or body of each page you want it to show.

If I add it to the head, it will display in all pages.

You also want to set where a visitor lands when they click on your referral link. Head over to the referral settings page and enter your referral landing page here. That way when they click on your referral link, they will be brought right to that page.

The widget has a few options.

If you want to redirect a user to a specific page after they fill out the form, enter that URL here. This could be helpful if you’re tracking conversions with FB ads or Adwords. The default widget will display and thank you message.

We also have a few different styles. All you need to do is select the style you want and then refresh your website to see the change.

If you want to get notified of a new referral keep this on. If you want your customer to know that a referral was completed, then keep this on.

A completed referral is when someone clicks on your customers referral link, goes to your site and fills out the widget.

To see and manage your referral program head over to the referrals page and you’ll see all submissions here.

You can edit your referral program settings click here. Watch the training video for info on these settings. The link you put here, will determine where your customers friend is sent when they click on your referral link.

If you need help installing the widget, contact support and we’ll help you out.