Install the customer testimonial widget


The customer testimonial widget displays a widget on your website which allows you to display your feedback. By showing positive feedback on your website, it helps to turn potential customers into paying customers.

To add the customer testimonial widget hover over My Account and click Tools.

All you need to do is grab this snippet of code and paste it onto your website. It’s responsive and mobile friendly. I’ll show you how to add it to a wordpress site and also a straight HTML site but first let me go through the options and how it works.

The first 3 options are styling features. You can use the dark theme, show a border, or use the wide widget. All you need to do is turn these on or off and they will save automatically. Then when you refresh the page, you’ll see the changes.

As a default the widget will only calculate 4 and 5 star reviews. If I turn that off, you can see now it calculates and shows all reviews.

Also as a default it will NOT show a review when your customer leaves feedback. To make a review visible, simply head over to the feedback page and turn the review on or off. It will save automatically.

To add it to a wordpress page go to the page, click the text tab on the page and paste the code in. When you click save you’ll see the widget.

To include it on your sidebar in wp go to the widgets page, add a text box to your sidebar and then paste in the snippet of code.

To add it to a HTML page drop it into somewhere in between the body tags.

We are working on optimizing the widget for your SEO efforts. That will be a future update. If you need help with installing the widget, contact support and we’ll help you out.