Optimize your Google link


There are a few ways to optimize your Google My Business link. You will first need a Google My Business page so if you don’t have one, go to google.com/mybusiness to sign up.

RR is hooked into the Google Maps API so if you click the find links button, we can add your Google listing to your account.

But we can only do so much with Google’s API so I wanted to show you a few ways to get a better link for your campaign.

You can find complete instructions over at http://reviewrail.com/support/knowledgebase/google/ but let’s go over a few options. Go grab your external feedback URL on the Tools page and leave a test 5 star review.

The first option is the best option and works on desktop and mobile devices. Now if Google doesn’t display your business like this hang tight and I’ll show you what to do next.

Listing on Search page – Works on a Desktop and Mobile Device
1. Google your business
2. Click on Write a Review (you must be signed in)
3. Copy that URL
4. In RR Select Google and add that link
5. Remove any other Google links

When you test it you see now it opens up the review box automatically which makes it super easy for a user to copy & paste their review over.

Now your business won’t always look like that on the search page. I have no idea why but Google isn’t always the easiest to work with. If it looks like this, then unfortunately you will have to add a Desktop and Mobile link.

No listing on search page – Only works on Desktop
1. Google your business
2. Click on your listing under the map
3. Click Write a Review
4. Copy that URL
5. In RR Select Google Desktop ONLY and add that link
6. Remove the Google maps listing

You will also need to add a mobile only link to since this one will only open up on desktops. For instructions on this head over to our http://reviewrail.com/support/knowledgebase/google/.

No listing on search page – Only works for Mobile
1. Google your business on a smartphone
2. Click the listing under the map
3. Click on a star rating and login (you need a Google account)
4. Bookmark that page
5. Go to the bookmark and copy the URL (for an iPhone click the bookmark icon, scroll to the bookmark, click edit, then click the bookmark and copy that link)
6. In RR Select Google Mobile ONLY and add that link
7. Remove your Google maps link

We’ve seen Google reviews increase by using these optimization tips so I recommend you follow them. If you have any questions or need help adding these links, contact support and we’ll help you out.