Editing the referral settings page


You can edit your referral program settings like the copy on that page, landing page URL and goals. To edit these settings hover over My Account and click Settings and then click Referral Settings.

Your default referral URL is set when you sign up for an account. We use the URL you enter when signing up but you can change your referral URL at anytime. This URL is where your customer will send their friends and family.

So when a happy customer leaves positive feedback, they get a referral email, and each customer is assigned a unique referral URL. This URL goes to your referral URL page.

You can track referrals through our widget and also the referral tracker. You can access those over at our tools page and each have a training video.

If using the referral widget on all pages you can insert any page of your website here.

But if using the referral tracker you would want to point them to the URL you place the tracker code on. The video on the tools page explains both of these tools.

We recommend using both the widget and tracker to help increase referrals.

The target referrals field is the amount of referrals a customer needs to complete in order to receive your referral gift. You can see all referrals received over at the referrals tab.

These 2 boxes display the copy on your referral page. We will be updating this settings page with a preview link but for now, the best way to see the referral page is to go to your external link and add yourself as a customer. Leave a 5 star review so you get the referral emails.

Add your title to the page here. As a default we only ask happy customers to refer your business, we don’t include any gift details. But you might want to offer a giftcard for X amount of referrals.

Then add the details of your program here.

For example if you wanted to give customers a $50 Gift Card for 3 referrals you would add 3 for the target, enter this for the title Get a $50 Gift Card, and then either rewrite or add to this. I would keep it as is and then add, If you refer 3 customers to us, we will give you a $50 gift card.

Important! In order to for RR to track customers you will need to add either the tracker or widget on the tools page.

If you have any questions at all, contact support.